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The Obama/Clinton Conspiracy That Could Easily Bring Them BOTH Down!

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As we astute observers of “all things political” are watching the machinations and intrigue taking place before our eyes within the Obama administration and the myriad of scandals associated with it, we are struck with one big realization.

The players, i.e. Obama, Clinton, Kerry, and a host of underlings, interns, assistants, etc are all spending as much time hiding, covering up, lying about, destroying evidence, and accusing others as they are actually executing the duties of their offices.

All in an effort to keep the public from discovering what corrupt, selfish, inept and asinine SOBs we have running the country.  It was never supposed to be this way! America was to be the ‘shining city on a hill’ not a cesspool in a swamp!

Among the the latest ‘Breaking Bad’ news we find out that Mr. Perfect, Barack Obama, knew about Hillary’s unsecure email server and he used it to email her under a pseudonym. But the pseudonym is only the beginning—what they discussed is the major bombshell.

The subject of the Obama-Clinton email communications appears to be about Hillary’s plans to run for president. As a Wall Street Journal report reveals:

Tonight, we’ve learned that the Obama administration was doing its best to protect their presumptive heir to the throne Oval Office well before Hillary Clinton was actually under investigation — and just as she was officially launching her presidential bid.

The Report gives us more insight:

Newly disclosed emails show top Obama administration officials were in close contact with Hillary Clinton’s nascent presidential campaign in early 2015 about the potential fallout from revelations that the former secretary of state used a private email server.

Their discussion included a request from the White House communications director to her counterpart at the State Department to see if it was possible to arrange for Secretary of State John Kerry to avoid questions during media appearances about Mrs. Clinton’s email arrangement.

In another instance, a top State Department official assured an attorney for Mrs. Clinton that, contrary to media reports, a department official hadn’t told Congress that Mrs. Clinton erred in using a private email account.

…..And the secrecy and intrigue keeps taking us further down the rabbit hole to …who knows where? How do we regular workaday people unravel this monstrosity? Reading about it every day makes it seem even more surreal and it has taken on the atmosphere of an unsolvable mystery.

Hitting the “reset button” on this experiment in human freedom appears to be the only logical answer on how to sweep out the evil, greed and corruption we see in our nation’s capital.

Hopefully, a Trump administration will make such a drastic action unnecessary.

(via: Patriot Journal)

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