Ted Cruz Launches MASSIVE Attack On Hillary Clinton – “She’s An Absolute Disaster!”

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We’ve come a long way from the Republican National Convention. After a long and grueling primary, it looked like there would be key leaders still holding out against Trump. It seemed that rivals, like Jeb Bush and others, were still smiting from their defeat.

The worst perhaps was Ted Cruz, who was the last Republican hopeful to be beaten by Trump. Many NeverTrumpers pinned their hopes on the Texan, thinking he would be more in line with the insider politics that have corrupted D.C. (despite the fact that Cruz himself was an outsider).

Even at the convention, Ted Cruz seemed reluctant to endorse Trump. His infamous “vote your conscious” speech caused even his own supporters to boo him. Since then people have predicted the death of his career–when they bothered to talk about him at all.

But since then Cruz has seen the light, and redoubled his efforts to back the Republican nominee. You’d think that the recent audio leak would give Cruz an excuse to back away.

But shockingly, the man stands by his former rival.

From Independent Journal Review:

The Texas Republican stood by Trump on Monday, telling a Texas TV station that Hillary Clinton is far worse. Via Politico:

“I am supporting the Republican nominee because I think Hillary Clinton is an absolute disaster. Now my differences with Donald, I have articulated at great length during the campaign. And I tried all my might,” Cruz told Maggan Rennels of Channel 6. “It was an amazing journey.”

It’s clear Cruz is still sore from his defeat at the hands of the New Yorker, yet his reassertion to support Trump is admirable.

Notice how he frames his support. He is positioning himself against the democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. That’s his motivation to back Trump. Not because he believes in Trump’s views, or particularly likes the man, but because he refuses to let Hillary win.

A fine motivation, sure. But this is a touch of political cowardice. He’s up for reelection and fears what a full endorsement of Trump might do to his chances, fearing that his voter base isn’t entirely in love with Trump. This is a fear many republicans up for reelection have, for some reason.

Apparently they haven’t seen the massive Trump rally crowds across the country.

But for whatever reason, Cruz is sticking to his pledge to back Trump. That much can be said. At least he is a man of loyalty, something sorely lacking within politics these days.

(via: Patriot Journal)

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