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Former VT Governor And Presidential LOSER Howard Dean Accuses Trump Of Being A ‘Coke User’

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Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, who is best known for one of the biggest presidential campaign flameouts in political history, made what is likely the most laughable claim of this campaign season.

During Monday’s debate, the former Vermont Governor tweeted this:

Howard Dean


Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?
10:02 PM – 26 Sep 2016


Really, governor?

The accusation is ridiculous on it’s face, but we’ll bite.

The fact that Donald Trump is a teetotaler is a well documented fact. Trump, according to numerous interviews and reports, has never drank alcohol, taken illicit drugs, or smoked a cigarette. In fact, according to an interview with Esquire magazine the real estate mogul even stays away from coffee.

Trump’s dedication to sobriety comes, in part, from his brother’s struggle with alcoholism.

“I learned a lot from my brother, Fred,” Trump told Forbes in a 2011 interview in which the magazine profiled 10 “Teetotaling Moguls”. “He set an example. It wasn’t, maybe, the example that people would think, but it really was, in its own way, an example. That here was this fantastic guy, who got caught up in the alcohol, and he ultimately died from alcoholism.”

In addition to never having himself had a drink, done drugs, or smoked a cigarette, temperance has been a virtue Trump has made an effort to instill in his children, something he spoke at length about in December of 2015.

So no, Governor Dean, a few sniffs is no more an indication of cocaine use than your 2004 scream was evidence you were using amphetamines.


(via: Truth Feed)

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