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Clinton Campaign Staffer ADMITS Hillary Wore Earpiece During Debate?

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According to multiple news outlets and internet speculation, Hillary Clinton was wearing a secret ear piece during the debate on Monday, despite it being against the rules.

Regardless of rumors to the contrary, as well as “definitive” news articles that say she was cheating, we’re still not entirely convinced…as much as we’d like to believe it. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not…

What do you think? Was Hillary was being prompted with answers via a secret ear piece?

Via Empire News:

It has now been confirmed by an anonymous staffer on the Clinton campaign, that Hillary broke debate rules by wearing a secret ear-piece so that she could be fed information on the fly.

“Because of her failing health, we were extremely worried about the answers she might give, or that she would get confused about the questions,” said the staffer. “Yes, the internet is right – she is, of course, wearing a mic pack under her jacket, as was Trump. But tied into that, we also were able to wire in a thin, flesh-colored ear piece so that we could feed her the answers.”

According to the staffer, whose story has been confirmed by at least 3 other members of the Clinton campaign, Hillary hired a team of more than 20 people to sit at a remote location just about a mile away from the debates, where they were watching both via cable and live feed, and could prompt her with responses as needed, as well as pull up information “in which to bash the hell out of Trump.”

So far, the Hillary camp has not commented on the ear-piece, or given any response to the internet firestorm.


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