Black Lives Matter Protestor Has Dark Message for White People

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She says: “Why are you going to a protest when you’re the oppressor?” she asked before going on to declare, “WHITE PEOPLE ARE KILLING US. So when I see white people show up to rally excited and smiling, ready to march like it’s a hobby — I’m disgusted and absolutely fucking livid….I’m ready to fight.”

On the same topic, the unashamedly racist Shackelford notes, “White people are 400 years too fucking late for a round of applause for a damn tweet with a hashtag, or for showing up to a damn rally.”

Shackelford also believes that white people owe her money simply because she is black, and says that white people actually own “nothing”.

“Nothing you have is yours. Let me be clear: Nothing you have is yours. Also, let me be see through: Reparations are not donations because we are not your charity, tax write off, or good deed for the day. You are living off of stolen resources, stolen land, exploited labor, appropriated culture and the murder of our people. Nothing you have is yours.”

(via: The Daily Dose)

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