Bill Clinton’s Rape Victim Finally Has The Courage To Reveal Chilling Information

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One of Bill Clinton’s alleged rape victims, Kathleen Willey, is speaking out about what she knows about a murder, and it hits close to home. Willey, who worked in the Clinton administration, accused Bill of sexual assault, and her account is extremely credible. Now, she reveals a deadly plot which left one man shot to death, and the connection with the Clintons is chilling.


Hillary Clinton (left), Kathleen Willey (right)

Kathleen Willey had no idea when she asked to speak with President Bill Clinton in 1993 that her husband would turn up dead that very day. She had gone to ask Bill for a paying job since she had been a valued volunteer for years.

In the Oval Office, Bill cornered her, groped her, and sexually assaulted her while Willey was at her most vulnerable. Her husband, a prominent lawyer, had been within the Clinton circle since Arkansas, and he was in dire financial straits.

As Bill was sexually assaulting Willey, her husband lay dead, which authorities later ruled a suicide. However, Willey isn’t buying that because she says she knows too much, and it all points to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Back in 1992 during the presidential campaign, Ed Willey did some “off the books” work for the Clintons. Asked if she suspected her husband Ed, a lawyer and son of a prominent Virginia lawmaker, was murdered, Willey replied, “Most definitely.”

“I’m having someone with a forensics background look at this, and I intend to pursue this further, now that these questions have been raised,” she told WND, pointing to alleged discrepancies in the autopsy report.

Willey writes that after her husband’s death, her friend Carole in Colorado told her something that she had not known. Ed had confided to Carole’s husband that he had taken a briefcase full of cash to Little Rock, Arkansas, during the presidential campaign.

Willey said she was shocked but acknowledged her husband could have done it. Later, she found a reference on a blog that explored illegal fundraising activities by the Clintons and noted that Ed Willey was known for “handling large briefcases full of cash” as part of the 1992 presidential campaign.

She speculates, “I have no idea how anyone other than the Clintons would know that Ed might have carried cash in briefcases. So why would he be killed? Because he was carrying illegal money? That’s probably not enough reason. But what if, in his desperation, Ed had ‘illegally borrowed’ from the campaign?” [via WND]

What really tipped Willey off was the autopsy report. Ed Willey was left-handed, yet the medical examiner said he shot himself using his right hand heknew how ruthless the Clintons were, and she had heard the stories of people close to the Clintons turning up dead.

“When I asked if the burns were indicative of a left-handed person committing suicide, [the examiner] said no. The room started to spin, and I went into the bathroom and threw up,” Willey recalled.

After Willey told the medical examiner that her husband was left handed, the report changed in a really chilling way. Willey said, “She [medical examiner] suggested that he held the gun with both hands but pulled the trigger with his right. That’s exactly how Vince Foster is said to have killed himself.”


Bill Clinton lying to the American people, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman [Monica Lewinsky].”

Vince Foster’s death has been a thorn in the side of the Clintons for a long time, books and conspiracy theories abound about his death. Ed Willey died exactly the same way — both with the guns still in their non-dominant hands. Usually, following a suicide, the gun is found several feet away from the body as the victim drops it as they fall dead from the injury, but not Willey or Foster, who both worked intimately with the Clintons, helping to get Bill elected as president.

Kathleen Willey has always come off as a very credible witness, and it’s sick to think that, as her husband was dying, Bill was sexually assaulting the very vulnerable mother and wife at the same time, almost as if he knew she needed the Clintons since her husband was dead.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and there sure is a lot of smoke around the Clintons with people turning up dead way before their time. Willey was harassed by the Clinton henchmen, who would turn up at her house or while she was jogging to tell her if she didn’t keep quiet that she was next. It seemed to stop after the Clintons found out the media was covering for them after Bill’s affair with Monica Lewinsky.

The Clintons are criminals and have lied, cheated, and murdered their way to the top, and Hillary is looking to make all her plans complete. Only one man stands in her way, and that’s Donald Trump. Hillary is underestimating the voice of the American people. She thinks her win is certain, but we can’t let that happen. This woman cannot be the first female president of our beloved nation — everything she touches ends up destroyed or dead.

(via: Mad World News)

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