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CNN Is BUSTED After Caught Lying About 2016 NYC Terror Attacks

It is truly unbelievable how Democrats and the Liberal CNN try to control and manipulate the narrative in whichever way they feel will most benefit Hillary Clinton.

Yesterday, liberal Mayor DeBlasio claimed there was absolutely no proof the “intentional act” was terrorism even though a bomb injures 29 and is connected to a cell phone detonator. (uh that is TERROR, dummy)

This morning, “they” realize that claim is not credible and the powers that be admit the Chelsea explosion IS A TERROR ATTACK.

However, CNN is not done with their “LYING SHOW.”

They put up THIS completely false headline on


Governor Cuomo DID NOT rule our international terrorism and simply said there is no tie to international terrorism YET.

After being exposed by savvy Twitter users, CNN was forced to change their misleading and false headline.

(via: Truth Feed)

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