Hillary Calls Trump a Bigot – Internet Fires Back Instantly, Proving That SHE’S The Bigot

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With the race to the White House being too close for comfort, Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been digging in on her attacks on rival Donald Trump. This week, she accused him of being a bigot.

Trump wasted no time firing back at Clinton and said she was the bigot who saw people of color “only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future.”

As quick glance into her past revealed that he was right. And while each of these examples may not prove outright bigotry, they certainly indicate a decided lack of judgment — and taken together, they seem much darker than just that.

In the 1996, Clinton referred to black urban kids without conscience as “super-predators” when discussing gang members and violence, and what to do about it.


When running against President Barack Obama in 2008, Clinton made several attempts to pander to black votes by faking a cheesy southern accent.

It was beyond embarrassing.


Also in 2008, Clinton claimed President Lyndon Johnson, not Martin Luther King Jr., was the real leader of the civil rights movement.


Clinton countered Obama’s popularity among blacks with attempts to appeal to white votes, and some of those were bigoted and just plain weird.

For example, the Arkansas Travelers baseball team added the Confederate flag to “Hillary for President” pins which were used in South Carolina.

Hillary pin

Clinton also attacked Obama during a national debate when she accused him of representing a “slum landlord” in Chicago — a remark that was booed by the audience.


Team Clinton also attacked Obama’s unAmerican roots by circulating a photograph of him in Muslim garb while on a trip to Somalia.

Obama Muslim

Clinton then attempted to show her appeal among middle-aged white men by taking shots with them.

Hillary shots

Clinton also targeted white voters when she referred to support from “working, hard-working Americans, white Americans” in the following video:


In the following video, Clinton tried unsuccessfully to look cool and make a joke about “colored people” time in an attempt to appeal to white voters. It didn’t go over so well.


Earlier this year, Clinton made reference to white privilege when speaking about racial tension in America.

Her relevant remarks are around the 4:41 mark:


We all know Clinton will say and do anything to get a vote, and these are just a few examples of how she does it.

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