The SICK Thing Cops Order After Trump Supporters Are Assaulted At Rally

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Throughout this election cycle, supporters of Republican nominee Donald Trump have been viciously attacked around the nation, yet the liberal media has largely refuse to cover many these attacks, preferring instead to paint Trump supporters as the instigators of the violence.

The latest bout of violence directed at Trump supporters occurred on Aug. 19 in Minneapolis, where people attending a Trump fundraiser were viciously assaulted and spit upon as they exited the event — yet police did nothing, KTLK reported.

“Why did (the police) let (the protestors) stand right in front of that door?!” asked Cynthia, a woman who was attacked at the fundraiser. “Why did they let them stand right in front of that door? You could not get to the event unless you went through that crowd.”

Trump has such support from law enforcement nationwide that it seems likely that these officers were given orders from on high not to interfere with attacks on Trump supporters and they chose to follow orders rather than lose their jobs.

We saw similar behavior during the riots in Baltimore after Freddie Gray was killed. Cops were told not the engage the protesters and instead to let them wreck havoc because officials were afraid of bad publicity.

An event attendee named Andrew said that he asked an officer why they didn’t arrest any of the protestors, and the officer’s response was very revealing.

“Don’t you think I want to?” the officer allegedly replied. “Our hands are tied.”

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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