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Secret Service Insider Makes SHOCKING Claims About Hillary Clinton’s Health

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A source from within the Secret Service has made some dramatic claims about the health and well-being of the former secretary of state, according to The information was reportedly revealed during the Republican National Convention in July, but has only now leaked to the public.

First, the report claimed that Clinton has a “very serious neurological degeneration,” perhaps Parkinson’s disease.

Pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli recently made the same claim, tweeting: “I believe Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s disease. Her symptomology is consistent with early onset Parkinson’s. She has freezing gait, dyskinesia, on-off symptomology.”

Next, the report said that “around half a million dollars has been spent to specially adapt three SUVs in which Clinton travels to provide lowered floors and disabled access to prevent Hillary from tripping.”

The photo taken recently of Clinton having trouble walking up a short flight of stairs lent some credence to this aspect of the report.

“Hillary’s staff is so intent on keeping reporters away from Clinton because she is at risk of petit mal seizures (brief, sudden lapses in attention) that can be triggered by camera flashes,” the report asserted.

Once again, this statement was perhaps corroborated by recent video of Clinton suddenly — and awkwardly — pausing in the middle of a speech, along with the clip of her bobblehead reaction to a reporter’s question.

Lastly, “Hillary has major problems with balance, difficulties with walking and keeps falling down” and her “campaign will be forced into making a big announcement soon regarding her medical condition.”

Many would agree that the last statement seems iffy, at best. Her campaign does not have a long history of admitting its candidate’s faults — it generally resorts to lies and cover-ups. After all, they can get away with it because they have a largely tame mainstream media and enough apathetic Democrat voters who simply do not care about the truth.

However, this Secret Service agent’s information — if accurate — is damning and could even be a campaign ender if Clinton continues to have seizure-like episodes or cannot perform basic tasks on the trail.

You have to be brave soul in order to take on the crookedness of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton — and you have to be uber-brave to be a Secret Service whistleblower dropping election-altering bombshells about the most terrifying candidate our country faces.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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