Obama Is Apparently Too Busy With His Vacation To Even Comment On Milwaukee Riots, Louisiana Flooding

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President Barack Obama emerged from his Martha’s Vineyard vacation for a fundraiser, but he didn’t mention any of the devastating events currently affecting the United States.

In Milwaukee, six businesses were set on fire, four officers were injured, shots were fired, and police cars were damaged after a black police officer shot a convicted black criminal who refused to drop a stolen handgun.

In Louisiana, flooding has damaged thousands of homes forcing more than 20,000 rescues after some parts of the state have suffered from over 30 inches of rain. The death toll from the floods is currently at seven.

“Michelle is very strict about me actually taking a vacation when I get a vacation,” Obama said during his speech at a Martha’s Vineyard fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. “She gave me a special dispensation for this evening because she understands, just as all of you understand, how important this is.”

Obama painted a rosy picture of life under his presidency, specifically citing economic statistics.

“There’s a lot of good news out there,” he said.

(via: Breitbart)

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