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BOOM! Laura Ingraham Reveals SHOCKING Truth About Hillary…BRUTAL Takedown [WATCH]

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It’s shocking to think that a woman like Hillary Clinton wants to be President of the United States. The most sacred office in the land is reserved for the most dedicated, hard working, and honest leader we can find. Yet here is a politician who refuses to acknowledge her own mistakes, even after they’re exposed by the FBI.

In a recent Fox News interview with Chris Wallace, Clinton continued to deny she did anything wrong regarding her illegal, private email server and her attacks related to Benghazi. Despite the fact that FBI Director Comey himself proved she sent classified and Top Secret emails, she still denies it. And she denies she lied about it previously (which is a lie on top of a lie).

While any normal human being would be shamed and rejected at this point, the Democrats and media still prop Hillary up as some kind of savior. She is a liar, plain and simple. On top of that, she’s delusional. That makes her much too dangerous a person to be president.

Hell, I wouldn’t want her watching my cat.

Via Yes I’m Right, some points made by Laura Ingraham:

One particularly brutal exchange was from Laura Ingraham as she spoke to Bret Baier on a Fox News segment. Ingraham calls out the fact that Hillary has an insanely good ability to lie to people’s faces even after she heard FBI director James Comey say she lied and that she knowingly did these illegal acts.

Ingraham said Clinton has an “astonishing ability to look into Chris Wallace’s eyes” and claim that FBI Director Jim Comey confirmed her statements on her email scandal were “truthful.”

“If she didn’t know that you couldn’t…put a government server in your bathroom, then what does Hillary Clinton really know about basic issues of foreign policy?”

Ingraham added that Clinton apparently “can lie with impunity to most people in the press, other than some of the folks at Fox News.”

Ingraham raises some good points. If Hillary is so ignorant of basic government protocol regarding emails, how can we trust her to handle bigger issues, like foreign policy or the economy?

But the fact that Hillary can lie straight to a person’s face suggests more than just ignorance. It suggests a depth of corruption that knows no bounds. It suggests a person so void of basic morals and integrity, I’m beginning to think she’s a sociopath.

Clearly, something is wrong with her.

Via Patriot Journal

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