WOW: Trump Claims 2016 Is RIGGED…But No One Expected THIS Liberal to Agree!

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More and more we’re seeing how schizophrenic the left wing media really is. We know they possess a bias that is bordering on the insane. During this election they have ignored the facts, distorted issues, and gone out of their way to protect their candidate: Crooked Hillary.

They’ve made it their mission to destroy Donald Trump. Searching for any crumb of dirt to blow out of proportion, they’ve tried to sink him since the primaries. And time and again, he’s come out on top. Despite their rigged polls and one-sided coverage of the conventions, Trump is still garnering support as Hillary looks worse and worse.

The most recent ridiculous, misguided and downright deceptive story comes from (of all places) The Daily Show. Comedy Central’s poor excuse for a news show has a reputation of spinning news and events for laughs, knowing its naive, childish audience will swallow their lies as facts.

Their latest antics are almost laughably wrong.

From HuffPo:

Brace yourself: Trevor Noah agrees on something with Donald Trump.

“The Daily Show” host is no fan of the GOP presidential candidate, but he says Trump’s correct when he claims this November’s election will be rigged.

“Donald Trump is right,” Noah said Monday. “We’ve uncovered evidence of election rigging throughout the system.”

But the comedian went on to say that the vote won’t be fixed in quite the way that the former reality TV personality thinks it is.

Instead, it’s down to the Republican Party’s tactics of gerrymandering and passing voter suppression laws ― which Noah says benefit the GOP and not the Democrats.

Now there’s a spin for you. Despite the fact that we have a two-term, black Democrat as president, the Daily Show wants you to believe the system is rigged for Republicans. This is a desperate attempt to manipulate the facts by inventing a story that will both insult Trump and prop up Hillary.

The real story is, if Trump wasn’t so much of a threat to the established liberal agenda, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to sink him. I find it hilarious that the media have to work so hard to help Hillary. She is so unpopular, so unlikable with regular Americans, the elitists in the media have to work overtime to find something to make her look good.

Of course they always fail.
It’s worth noting that since Jon Stewart’s departure from the Daily Show, it has been sinking in the ratings. New host Trevor Noah just doesn’t seem capable of connecting with an already mindless, liberal audience. That’s pretty bad.

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