Store Employee Demands Muslim Woman Show Her Face

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A Muslim woman wearing an all-black burka from head to toe was asked to leave a Family Dollar store in Gary, Indiana.

Being in a high crime area, the store’s manager insisted that the woman show her face to discourage criminal behavior. Instead of complying, the woman threw a fit and went on a video-recorded temper tantrum attempting to scare an employee into caving in to her demands.

Possibly inspired by recent legal action taken against a small bake shop in Oregon that refused to bake a gay wedding cake, the Muslim woman’s recording could very well turn into a complaint against the multi-billion dollar corporation.

The gay couple received $135,000 in “mental suffering” for having to experience the act of being told that their gay wedding cake would not be baked by the shop. It’s hard to tell what kind of monetary award a court would give a Muslim woman for pretending to be humiliated by being asked to comply with a simple safety request.

“Naam a Lawsuit for real” reads one response to her Facebook posting, which included a video of the incident. That response stands out as a nod to the true reason for taking the video.

Here is the video from YouTube.

As Americans lose freedom due to safety concerns, it will be interesting to watch the legal system’s reaction to this type of court award seeking activism when it serves to undo the very safety concerns that are being used to take away gun rights and other simple pleasures.

For example, banks have policies that require no head covers when entering. To undo that rule would mean that criminals could simply wear a burka and not be questioned when entering to hold a teller at gunpoint.

No legal action has been taken yet but it is likely.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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