China’s Nicknames For Crooked Hillary

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The Chinese people view GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump with respect for his impressive business acumen, but they perceive Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton in a less-than-stellar light.

In fact, many Chinese internet users refer to the former secretary of state with nicknames that make Trump’s alias for her, “Crooked Hillary,” look awfully kind in comparison, according to The Daily Caller.

Nicknames like lao niang men, which means “old hag,” and lao yao jing, which means “old witch.”

This antipathy for Clinton reportedly stems from her long history of bashing China for both its human rights violations and its actions in the South China Sea, where it regularly engages in aggressive and militaristic behavior toward other nations.

Mind you, Trump also criticizes the communist nation, but more so over economic issues versus the nation’s human rights abuses and non-democratic political government — both of which appear to be sore spots for both the Chinese government and its people.

The Chinese people reportedly also appreciate that the billionaire businessman is not a career politician simply out to line his own pockets — that he says what he means and genuinely seems to care about the interests of the American people.

Like Trump’s most ardent supporters, the Chinese like his candor. Yeah, his blunt honesty sometimes results in obnoxiousness, but unintentional buffoonery from time to time sure beats the premeditated lies that constantly stream out of Clinton’s mouth like a river.

Who likes a professional liar … besides liberals?

Nobody, including even the people of China, apparently, who have become almost bewitched by Donald Trump’s unexpectedly honest and forthright approach toward politics — an approach that contrasts with Clinton’s longtime methodology of lying about everything like night and day.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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