Will Hillary’s Above The Law Hit Below The Belt?

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Picking a reason not to vote for Hillary Clinton is like being presented with a multiple-choice question, where ALL the choices, A through D, are correct.

  1. Un-trustworthy
  2. “Extremely Careless”
  3. Failed the 3AM Call
  4. Above The Law

She has a lot of baggage. And with her negatives way up in the nose bleed section,it’s obvious that she’s got problems across the board; GOP, DEM, IND and the newly minted Democratic Socialists.

But it’s her most recent “skirmish” with the law, her #ExtremelyCareless email disasters, that may have the power to deliver a political punch who’s wound may stay black ‘n blue through November.

The reason: It reeks of Hillary Clinton being Above The Law.

It cuts right to the heart of a Hillary Clinton who’s been able to duck, dodge, wink and nod her way out of the mud, without getting stained.

From Hillary’s Super Delegates that hovered over the Democratic Primary like a blimp in a pant suit, blocking out the sun of the Feel The Berners…to the shady rigging the DNC played behind the scenes on Hillary’s behalf…to the “unplanned” meeting of Bill and Loretta’s Excellent Adventure, days before the FBI cleared her of any wrongdoing, all boxes are checked, “Above The Law” paving the way for Hillary Clinton to keep on keepin’ on.

But earning the Above The Law Girl Scout Badge is not an honor. ‘Cause everyone knows, “there’s no honor amongst thieves.”

Above The Law has the power to Case Closed a Department of Justice/FBI investigation, ripe with overtones of perjury. But for the rest of us who hump out an honest day’s work, day in and day out, there is no Above The Law option.

The Average Joes don’t have spouses with political clout powerful enough to gain access to high places to peddle influence and make promises.

The Average Joanne knows if the IRS comes-a-calling, you better start looking for those receipts.

The Average Joe goes to work and uses the email system set up by the company. Above The Law creates her own, under the radar.

Hillary’s Above The Law problem has the power to resonate Above It All. It stinks of the insider elitism honed by the life long politician.

Maybe this time, the Average Joe has had enough?








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