Protests Ignored; Obama Invites Illegal Immigrants With New Executive Orders

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Thus far, 43,280 illegal alien minors, primarily from Central America, have been apprehended at our southwest border of the United States since the beginning of the fiscal year. What is Obama’s response? Naturally, he applies fuel to the fire instead of extinguishing it. Yesterday, he announced two illegal executive immigration actions that will incentivize even more people to cross the border and will afford illegal aliens the ability to bring in more relatives than even U.S. citizens can petition for under existing law.

Obama is abusing the refugee and parole statutes to apply to every country that is experiencing violence that is non-sectarian.

In 2014, rather than making it clear to Central American countries that our border is closed (outside of existing legal channels of immigration), he set up the Central American Minors Refugee/Parole Program. This was a back-door executive legislation to allow some illegal aliens to bring in children from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador – and obtain for them refugee status or temporary protected status. The program was made eligible to those for whom the Obama administration granted DACA or Temporary Protected Status. Yesterday, the State Department expanded this program to allow DACA and TPS “immigrants” to bring in even more relatives from Central America:

When accompanied by a qualified child, the following additional categories of applicants may also be considered under this program:

sons and daughters of a U.S.-based lawfully present parent who are over 21 years old;
the in-country biological parent of the qualified children;
caregivers of qualified children who are also related to the U.S.-based lawfully present parents.
It is quite easy to see how this program can be scammed to bring in all sorts of friends and relatives under the guise of accompanying children, especially under an administration whose goal is to bring in as many people from Central America at all costs. Even U.S. citizens are prohibited from bringing in non-relative caretakers, yet illegal aliens or individuals who were ‘loosely’ granted temporary protected status can set off a chain of non-relative migration. Those individuals granted parole status can then bring in their families.

Moreover, this entire program is lawless. Obama is abusing the refugee and parole statutes to apply to every country that is experiencing violence that is non-sectarian. While most of the individuals under this lawless program are not granted refugee status, the presumption of eligibility is what gets them in the door so they can be paroled into the United States and at least obtain temporary protected status. But parole status, according to statute, must be applied “only on a case-by-case basis for urgent humanitarian reasons.” By creating a program whereby relatives in the U.S., who themselves were beneficiaries of this or similar programs lacking statutory foundation, can petition for parole status for family members is another example of a proactive carte blanche application instead of a reactive one granted case-by-case. Obama himself has sold this as a national policy in response to the border surge, a clear admission that this is not in accordance with statute.

Furthermore, parole is supposed to be temporary, but as history has shown, none of these people ever leave and always find a way to adjust their status to that of a legal permanent resident. They eventually get citizenship and have voting privileges – all against the national will and the manifest intent of the statutes written by the people’s representatives.

In addition to expanding his parole program, the State Department announced that it reached an agreement with Costa Rica to temporarily house these individuals from the three designated countries and process them like refugees. The problem, once again, is that they are not eligible for refugee status, and ultimately Obama winds up abusing parole statutes to grant them status, but he is mixing and matching statutes from the refugee section in order to grease the skids for chain migration through parole. Lawlessness begets lawlessness.

In Stolen Sovereignty, I not only warn how the courts are violating the people’s sovereignty by granting privileges to foreign nationals, but how the executive branch has also disenfranchised the citizenry by creating new avenues of immigration and citizenship without the consent of the people. Social transformation without representation, indeed.

In chapter 8 of the book, I lay out proposals for the next president and Congress to tighten up statues and return the keys to immigration policy – which determines the destiny of the country – into the rightful hands of the citizenry so that courts and executive agencies can no longer violate the social compact and consent-based citizenship.

(via: Conservative Review)

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