Kaine Ran As Pro-Life Conservative; Is Clinton Trying To Win Republicans Over?

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Liberals may be settling into the idea of Tim Kaine as vice president, but do they know the former Virginia governor used to walk and talk a lot like a Republican?

Shhh … don’t tell the #BernieOrBust crowd.

The Washington Times reports:

[In his 2005 run for Va. governor] Kaine was a self-proclaimed pro-life “conservative” who openly quoted the Bible in his ads and checked off nearly every other box on conservatives’ wish list.

“The truth is, I cut taxes as mayor of Richmond. I’ll enforce the death penalty as governor, and I’m against same-sex marriage,” Mr. Kaine said in one of his ads. “I’m conservative on personal responsibility, character, family and the sanctity of life. These are my values, and that’s what I believe.”

In another ad, Mr. Kaine said he personally opposes abortion and while he would not halt the procedure because its what the law allows, he did detail a number of restrictions he would support: requiring minors to get parental consent, banning the late-term procedure dubbed partial-birth abortion and halting any public financing for abortion.

Certain 2005 radio ads are still lodged in the mind of Ray Allen, a Republican consultant who worked against Kaine in 2005.

Allen told the Washington Times that while Kaine “was running pro-life ads on Christian radio in the conservative, southern part of Virginia, he was running television commercials in Northern Virginia claiming he was pro-choice.”

“He said the radio ads were so stark that the Republican Party paid to have them replayed as robo-calls to voters in Northern Virginia, trying to tamp down liberal voters’ enthusiasm for him.”

Well, obviously now that Kaine is on the ticket with Hillary Clinton his tune has changed quite a bit. It’s as if he’s a dishonest politician or something. Kaine has won praise from progressives for his stances on gun control, immigration, gay rights, and yes, even abortion.

Kaine, “in private conversations” with Clinton, officially backed off his 2005 promises and changed his position on the Hyde Amendment, now vouching for taxpayer-funded abortions.

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(via: Conservative Review)

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