Thunder of the Trump Train!!

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After a rather slow beginning that was less energetic than the previous nights the final day of the RNC convention picked up steam leading to the introduction of Donald Trump.

Former NFL legendary quarterback Fran Tarkington started out by saying he looks at America and says “What the hell is going on here? We’re stuck in high taxes and regulation.” Fran said he had a small business once and a leader is one who gets things done. He said he’s known Donald Trump for 48 years and he gets stuff done.”

Tarkington  was followed by motivational speaker Brock Mealer, Representative Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee and Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma.

Republican head Reince  Priebus gave a speech saying America is  fed up with the way the country is going and said “We do not apologize for America, we celebrate it.”Preibus pointed out how Hillary and Obama gave Iran back 120 billion dollars with tax payer money and how she lied to the American people about Benghazi and Libya and how she lied and jeopardized our national security, “We have had enough and help is on the way,” Priebus said, “Donald Trump is the right man for the right job.”

A big surprise was when pay pal co-founder Peter Theil came out as gay saying,”  I am proud to be gay. I’m proud to be a Republican. And, I’m proud to be an American. The republican crowd gave him a standing ovation and started chanting USA! USA! USA! This was a good  thing to do because the DNC keeps pushing the myth that gays are not wanted in the republican party which is not true. Another lie they like to push. RNC GIVES GAY REPUBLICAN STANDING OVATIO

Finally Trump’s beautiful daughter Ivanka took the stage to introduce her dad. Dressed in a simple one piece pink summer dress Ivanka said how she is neither a republican or democrat, but votes on the person. She said her dad is a real fighter and her father sees potential in others before they see it in themselves and told of several incidents where her father saw people down on their luck in the papers, contacted them and had his assistants bring them up to his office and gave them a job. Ivanka emphasized her father’s empathy towards others and said he is colorblind and gender neutral. She also stated that her father employs more female employees than male employees and women are supported and paid more.

This was a good dig at Hilary since she pays her male executives at the Clinton Foundation $30,000 more than her female employees.

“He’s a fighter and a doer and ready to see it through,” She said before introducing Donald. IVANKA STANDS FOR DAD, COUNTRY.

Donald came out to a rousing cheers and standing ovation. He accepted the Republican nomination for president Thursday, promising anxious Americans that they will be safer and richer if he is elected in November.

Trump painted a dire state of affairs in the United States and the world — instability abroad and crumbling infrastructure at home — and blamed those problems on President Barack Obama and his former secretary of state, presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Under Hillary Clinton her bad judgments are the cause of all the disasters today. ISIS is spread across the world, Iraq is in chaos and so is Libya. Everything is worse than before. This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton,” he said.  “Death, destruction, terrorism and weakness. Our plan puts America first, safe borders and law and order.”

Trump said if he is elected we will be a country of generosity and growth and also law and order.”I am the law and order president,” Trump said giving off a list of recent cop killings and murders around the country, “ On Jan. 17th safety will be restored,” Trump said to thunderous applause. Trump says US will be safer, richer if he is president

Several times during the night the cameras scanned the whole arena to show the size of the crowd. I’ve seen all of Trump’s rallies  and he always asks the cameras to show the enormous crowds and they never did. Hear they did .


In a speech that lasted an hour and 15 minutes Trump gave off a whole litany of things that needed to be done to fix this country saying he could do it. They are all important things that need to be done and I don’t know if they can all be accomplished in four years, but he is known for accomplishing things under schedule and under cost. I would just be happy if he defeated ISIS, lowered the debt, balanced the budget and brought jobs back.

Trump mentioned that we must suspend immigration from any country that harbors terrorists until we can set up a proper vetting system. He mentioned that Hillary wants a 550% increase in Syrian immigrants on top of the ones already coming in here and there is no way to screen them. The refugees coming in here who are mostly Sunni refugees and those are the ones that form ISIS.

Trump ended his speech saying “It’s time to take America back ,bigger, better and stronger than ever before.”



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