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IRS Opens Investigation of Hillary’s Clinton Foundation: Why this one may stick.

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The embattled IRS Commissioner John Koskinen has opened an investigation of Hillary and Bill Clinton’s Charitable Foundation following a Congressional request for examination based upon their review of Clinton Foundation alleged improprieties. The Commissioner referred their letter officially requesting IRS investigation, to the Dallas division that oversee’s Charitable organizations less than a week after receiving it. The Dallas division is the department with investigative, and examination authority in these matters.

Here is why Hillary and Bill  Clinton should be very worried. Like Al Capone, and all the “Teflon Don” Gangsters, it may be the IRS that finally gets their Teflon Hillary and Bill with charges that stick, and convict. Murder, racketeering, boot-legging, extortion, bribery, loan-sharking, gambling, all of it never stuck to Al Capone. Time after time, Capone escaped justice. But then, the IRS got him and they put him in prison.

The IRS doesn’t pussy-foot around with legalistic opinions about intent. They investigate matters much differently, and they prosecute differently in Tax Court. There is no gray area. The IRS right off the bat assumes you had the intention to cheat, obfuscate, skirt, violate, and break the law. The legal principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ that our criminal justice system is based upon; just doesn’t exist in their view. Their mindset is: you are guilty until have proven you are innocent.  In the IRS’ world your intent is assumed as sinister, and is already a given. There will be no Christ-like grace, or forgiveness of sin’s by FBI Director Comey, and the Obama/Lynch DOJ over dubious arguments, and interpretation of intent.

Congressional investigators are focusing on arrangements for lavish payments to the Clinton’s. In particular, they want transactions involving George Soros’ Laureate Education, and  Uranium One also scrutinized. Both entities received official Governmental benefits with what critic’s charge was Hillary’s direct involvement, and assistance as Secretary of State.

Democrats and Hillary will certainly spin this investigation as more smear, with Political motives, because the Congressional referral for investigation letter was signed by 64 GOP Congressional Representatives. However, unlike the groundless abusive actions taken by the politically directed IRS Scandal audits, and investigations of Conservative non-profit charities based upon nothing except their political orientation; there are legitimate concerns here. Investigators will be asked to look into arrogantly obvious instances of impropriety, fraud, and influence peddling; that demand investigation of the Clinton Foundation as a tool, and conduit using charitable non-profit organization laws and tax exemptions; for the personal enrichment of the Clinton’s.

This late into Obama’s lame duck Presidency, and under terrific pressure for his incompetence culminating in calls for his impeachment over the  IRS Targeting scandal,  IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, has little choice but to act on valid, and legitimate reasons justifying this investigation under IRS Code.

Another opened investigation will cast a pall on Hillary Clinton as she begins her quest for the White House. It comes after most American’s polled, believed that Hillary Clinton should have been indicted over the email server scandal, believe she lied about it, and isn’t trustworthy. This investigation will further reinforce the perception of perpetual investigation, and scrutiny of her integrity as well as her lack of judgement, with the American voters. It comes only a day after her implication in the DNC scandal, her hiring of Debbie Wasserman-Shultz to Chair her campaign the second after her firing as DNC Chair was done, and after selecting Kaine, best known for his corruption, as her VP running mate.

Hillary will bemoan the timing and political motivation of the charges, but voters already skeptical of her veracity and integrity, will examine the facts perhaps for the first time, because of the attention it will bring. She will play the gender card, claiming victimization under her so-called “Hillary Standard”. She will appeal to voters for sympathy as a woman, and a political victim of GOP persecution, and prosecution. However, I believe American’s will convict her long before the IRS does. I venture a bold prediction even for the exact day. I say that Hillary’s first conviction will be coming on November 8th, 2016, at the hands of the Jury of  American voter’s.

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