Hammer the last nail into the coffin. Elect Hillary.

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The dust hasn’t quite settled over the FBI’s decision not to indict Hillary Clinton over her private server. Many are outraged. Some are relieved. But too many believe this decision only confirms that unlike most mortals, she is above the law and will never be held accountable for anything.

I didn’t expect her to be indicted. I would have fainted if it happened. However, to be given a complete pass is absurd. The reason she used a private server was to avoid scrutiny. She really shouldn’t be able to move on without some penalties. But far more important to me is not what she’s done and gotten away with but what she intends to do if, heaven forbid she wins the White House.

It is unclear to me if Hillary has always been a Socialist but it is very clear she is now. She is advancing a new world Socialist agenda. If she gets into office she will continue importing thousands upon thousands of Muslims and Syrians, encourage them to vote illegally for left wing candidates and policies and to continue to dilute the population of American patriots. She envisions the U.S. as an every man’s land, without borders, without a culture, a history, or a Constitution.

Aside from what the administration claims, millions of Americans remain unemployed. I haven’t heard what she proposes to do to create a job friendly environment, if anything. I know she is
completely ill equipped to handle the violence and the back lash inevitable when these uncivilized, 3rd world people realize America isn’t what they thought it would be. There will be few jobs and even if the minimum wage is increased, taxes will offset any gain. Taxes will have to be high to support so many on welfare. There will be no money to repair the infrastructure. There will be no research or development because there will be no money available for those things. Hillary will insist on additional and tighter regulations and fines but no one will have any money to pay them. What then? Incarceration?

She has said “if we have a 2nd Amendment.” What she should have said was “if we keep the 2nd Amendment.” Obviously, she doesn’t want to keep it. It appears many Democrats already favor altering and or eliminating the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments any way. I’m sure she wouldn’t be opposed to any of it.

What would it be like with Hillary in charge? Could she get the economy rolling again? If not, no progress can be expected. Just more unemployment for Americans and thousands of immigrants. How will Americans get by? I guess we can barter with each other. We can do laundry in
exchange for a table crafted for us. It would be primitive but it could work. Hillary is opposed to progress. She doesn’t want us to use coal, or oil or anything that might damage the eco system but what can we produce to sustain our economy? What does she propose? I haven’t heard that either.

She proposes providing many free services. Nothing is free. Things cost someone. It is completely unrealistic. Is she that delusional or just hoping we are?

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