Only One Candidate Wants to Save America

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Donald Trump is the only candidate who wishes to save America.  His record of great accomplishments, that no one in Washington could ever come near, confirms he has the skill and resourcefulness to save our Republic.   And his opposition is so completely ruthless.  Most in Washington hate him.  They oppose his pro American agenda because our unaccountable, self-appointed, self-serving ruling class now seek a new world order to increase their wealth and power.  Every single one of them are advancing a Socialist agenda against one of the last free countries on earth.  They should be deeply ashamed and knowing we crossed an ocean and Americans have given their lives to win and maintain our freedom, their agenda is indefensible, despicable, egregious and most evil.

By design, far too many Americans are now relying on some sort of government subsidy.  With a robust economy most of it would be unnecessary.  With so many dependent on the government for survival it’s easier than ever before to convince them that the government will take care of everything if they just trust them.  People who’ve fled oppressive governments tell a different story.  The promise of utopia was replaced with lack, hunger, extreme poverty and fear of government officials.

Don’t be fooled by their anti-American Socialist agenda.  All of the Washington elitists are in a club and we’re not part of it.  God bless America.


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