Brits Take Point On War Against Globalists

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In the early hours on June 24th the staunch hearty souls of Britain realized their goal, Liberty. Despite all the efforts of the traitors in their midst and pressure from without they have prevailed. Not only have they struck a blow for their own sovereignty but they have struck a blow against the Globalists for others to follow. Make no mistake this is only the first battle in a world war against the Globalists. The Brits have taken the point for all of us worldwide that hold dear our own self-determination and sovereignty. Not only do we congratulate you but also offer a heartfelt thank you for striking a blow for Liberty for us all.

Already the Democratic Socialist Fascists traitors within our own midst are decrying the British people’s decision in favor of self-determination. They are spinning it as a negative to our national interests and economic well-being. Once again they have done us a favor by admitting their intentions of keeping us shackled to globalism. They are trying their best to convince us that global interests should take precedence over our own people and Nation. It is the same song the Globalists sang to the Brits to no avail. May we turn a deaf ear to them just as our brothers and sisters in the U.K.

Now it’s our turn to pick up the standard of Liberty as Americans. We must like our British brothers and sisters stand against an onslaught of falsehoods and manipulations to be unleashed upon us by the propagandists. We must focus solely on the one goal that will ensure us of our liberty, electing Donald J. Trump as our next POTUS. Once Mr. Trump is elected we will be able to remove the tentacles of globalism from own our throats and rekindle the bond between the U.S. and the U.K. that stood against the Evil Empire. One more thing. Once Mr. Trumps administration is in place you Brits can be sure you will not be at the end of anybody’s line here.

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