Woman Ejected from ‘Whiteness History Month’ by Black Power Activists for Defending Trump

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During an event scheduled as a part of “Whiteness History Month” at Portland Community College, a woman was ejected by a man in a “Black Power” shirt for challenging a lecturer that claimed that “Donald Trump is racist.”

The woman, who is not a student at the college, claims that she decided to challenge the speaker after the lecture moved in an anti-Trump direction. After the speaker made claims of Donald Trump’s racism, the woman politely told the speaker that “she has seen black people speaking at Trump events.”

After challenging the speaker, the woman claims that several people in the room were upset. “A woman sitting beside me decided to question me with the intent of having me thrown out of the meeting,” claiming that she was “upsetting” people and “creating a bad vibe,” the woman told an independent journalist on campus.

She told the independent journalist that she believes the media holds a double standard for African-Americans: “If white people did this, all three local news stations would be down here recording it.”

The independent journalist, who posts videos on the YouTube Channel “Laughing at Liberals,” challenged several individuals running the “Whiteness History Month” event. A man in a “Black Power” shirt asked a police officer to remove the journalist because he wasn’t “bringing the right energy.” The officer told him that “this is a public space and everybody has the right to be here,” and that he has the right to “videotape the events taking place.”

Although she acknowledged that he had the right to film in a public place, an African-American employee of the college asked the journalist to leave campus. She accused him repeatedly of “hurting people” and “not telling the truth.”

“I was a little intimidated and a little scared if I were to actually go into that room,” the independent journalist told The College Fix, a news outlet covering campus stories. “You can see in a couple shots [in his video] that there are actual militant Black Panthers in that room.”

via Breitbart

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