BLM Thug Goes Criminal With Vile Assault On Female Trump Supporter [Video]

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Once again, the ignorant and intolerant “Black Lives Matter” protesters converged on a Donald Trump rally. While the liberal left continues to paint Trump supporters as hateful and racist bigots, one black “activist” just got busted, showing the mentality of these mindless, violent, and disrespectful thugs. All caught on video, viewers are left outraged at what this BLM bully did to a white woman.

During Trump’s Albany, New York rally on Monday, a nasty “Black Lives Matter” protester engaged in a heated confrontation and clashed with a white woman wearing a Trump T-shirt. The simple-minded thug took things to the next level, assaulting the other woman, and she left plenty of evidence behind, which should have her behind bars on criminal charges.

The video was captured via cellphone outside the Times Union Center as an angry black woman shows us what liberal “tolerance” and “coexisting” looks like. As the thug yells in the face of the white, female Trump supporter, she shows everyone just how much of a degenerate she is when she decides to take the confrontation to a physical level.

“And what? And what? And what?” the BLM protester yelled repeatedly at the other woman, who didn’t appear to be saying anything. That’s when the thug took things to a criminal level with actions that are legally classified as assault. Just seconds after her tirade, the agitator spit in the Trump supporter’s face from just feet away, hitting her with a massive glob of bodily fluid, as she yelled, “F*ck you!”

After the disgusting physical assault, the victim whipped out her cellphone to capture a picture of her attacker as the aggressor tried to flee. Other BLM supporters in the vicinity were quick to throw up their hands, trying to block the camera — something they weren’t willing to do to protect an innocent person from being disrespectfully spat on. Instead, the other activists continued to yell at the woman and taunt her.

“This is a free country!” retorted the victim, who was only peacefully expressing support for the presidential candidate of her choice when she was attacked. However, the misguided social justice warriors and terroristic thugs declared that they were simply responding to her “hate.”

“We are here to protest against hatred!” one of them screamed at the assault victim. However, the only “hatred” seen in the video came from the unhinged anti-Trumpsters, who think they should have a free pass based on their skin color and the belief that their opinion is superior to others.

The liberal left and the mainstream media are deranged. The leftists descend on the Trump supporters with vitriol and violence, then the media points the finger of blame at Donald Trump and the victims of the left’s constant assault. For a group that chastises victim blaming, they sure are good at it. While they claim Trump’s plans promote terrorism, they applaud the real terrorists in our cities — the Black Lives Matter and other liberal groups who use violence and intimidation to silence their opposition.

This thug physically assaulted a white woman who was simply exercising her First Amendment right to assemble. These “activists” are not only unconstitutional in their behavior, they are criminal. What’s worse, the mainstream media will ignore it because it doesn’t fit the narrative that they wish to force on the American people as they further divide our once great nation with the help of these race-baiters and the Democrats who feed their lunacy. If it weren’t for alternative media, could you imagine how much worse the brainwashing would be?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video must be worth at least a million. Speaking up just got a lot easier thanks to the joys of easily accessible technology, the Internet, and, of course, the bad behavior of the BLM that’s been captured. If you agree that enough is enough, it’s time to spread the truth far and wide. It’s time for the anti-Trumpsters to see the true root of the violence at his rallies, and it’s time they answer for their actions.

[Via: Mad World News]

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