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  • Stupid Thugs That Dowsed Cops With Water Face Several Charges, Criminal Tampering


    The NYPD has busted three men, including a reputed Crips gang member on probation, in connection with the caught-on-video water-dousing of cops in Harlem and Brooklyn, law enforcement sources told The Post Wednesday. Gangbanger Courtney “Killer Court” Thompson, 28, of the Crips subset “Fresh Gangstas” surrendered Wednesday morning at the 73rd Precinct stationhouse for his […] More

  • Anheuser-Busch Is Readying More Than a Quarter of a Million Cans of Water To Send to Victims of Hurricane Florence

    Beer maker Anheuser-Busch has announced plans to send 300,000 cans of fresh water to the expected victims of Hurricane Florence. From Breitbart: The beer giant ordered its Georgia brewery to prepare the water ahead of the late summer storm which had yet to make landfall at the time. The Cartersville, Georgia, facility switched over to emergency rations […] More

  • Gatorade Fined 300,000 For Talking Smack About Water

    H2-no! Gatorade has been banned from insulting its main competitor — water — and fined $300,000 after it slandered nature’s sports drink in a video game, California’s Attorney General announced Thursday. AG Xavier Becerra sued the neon-colored beverage company over its cellphone game “Bolt!” in which players guide track star Usain Bolt around to collect […] More

  • While Obama Did Nothing For Years, Trump Granted $100M To Fix Flint Water Crisis

    The Environmental Protection Agency awarded Michigan $100 million in grant money to replace the Flint water system’s damaged infrastructure. The Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act of 2016 provided the funding for this grant that would help Flint replace its lead water pipes that have fallen into disrepair, the EPA said in a statement. […] More