Gatorade Fined 300,000 For Talking Smack About Water

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Gatorade has been banned from insulting its main competitor — water — and fined $300,000 after it slandered nature’s sports drink in a video game, California’s Attorney General announced Thursday.

AG Xavier Becerra sued the neon-colored beverage company over its cellphone game “Bolt!” in which players guide track star Usain Bolt around to collect coins and bottles of Gatorade but must avoid water — which slows the Olympian down.

“Gatorade portrayed its products positively while inaccurately and negatively depicting water as hindering athletic performance,” Becerra’s office said in a statement.

“Making misleading statements is a violation of California law.”

The company agreed to a settlement that includes the financial penalty — $120,000 of which will be used to fund research into water consumption — keeping nasty comments about water to itself, and to refrain from advertising in media where kids comprise more than a third of the audience.

(via: New York Post)

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