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  • Russians Couldn’t Have Hacked Our Elections, They Were To Busy Making Video Games For Livestock?


    Since 2016, talk of Russian control over America has been udderly ridiculous. According to Hillary Clinton (here), Democratic politicians, media figures, and innumerable memes, the former Soviet Union is all over us, and hacking in to solely control who takes the White House. But is all the hype in fact true, and Mother Russia as technologically superior […] More

  • POLL: Do Violent Video Games Make Children Violent?


    President Trump reportedly showed a compilation of graphic scenes from modern video games to entertainment industry executives during a meeting about the effects of violent media on teenagers. Dave Grossman gave details on the meeting to the Washington Examiner: “President Trump said, ‘Did everyone see that clearly?’” Grossman said. “He played a video of a bunch […] More