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  • Dear Never Trumpers, It’s Over

    It is no secret that there are quite a number of people who do not exactly care for the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee: Donald Trump. In what will most certainly prove be one of the most negative presidential elections in our nation’s history, Mr. Trump appears to be attracting the brunt of voter hostility. Of […] More

  • BREAKING: Trump VP Pick Has Been Leaked

    There has been a whirlwind of names thrown about in the last few weeks for whom presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump will pick as his Vice Presidential choice. But, the choice may now be solidified. Via IndySTAR: Two U.S. senators on Donald Trump’s short list for running mate dropped out of consideration Wednesday, leaving Indiana Gov. Mike Pence in the top […] More

  • POLL: Who’s Best From Trump’s Likely Top Four VP Picks?

    Poll Context: Donald Trump will spend part of his Fourth of July weekend with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, driving speculation that the respected conservative governor is under consideration for the vice presidential slot. “Gov. Pence has accepted an invitation to spend a little time with Mr. Trump this weekend,” Marc Lotter, an aide to the governor, […] More

  • Poll: Should Newt Gingrich Run As Trump’s VP?

    With Donald Trump effectively securing the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination, attention has starting to focus on who he will chose as his Vice Presidential running mate.  Many names have been thrown about in the news media including some of his primary rivals; Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Chris Christie, to name a few. […] More

  • Trump Ready To Announce Vice Presidential Running Mate?

    There is talk that we are about to see a whole new side to Donald Trump, now that it’s pretty certain he will be the nominee. Here is some insight into what he maybe focusing on now… Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump knows what he needs to govern the nation — a vice president […] More