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  • Toby Keith Keeps Getting Dropped From Festivals Over Playing Trump’s Inauguration

    Is Toby Keith “Too Political” To Perform Country Music?In Naperville, Illinois, festival organizers are feeling pressure to drop Toby Keith from their lineup. Some people feel that the singer is now “too political.”His offense? He performed for Donald Trump’s inauguration. Keith is nowhere near a political activist such as the Dixie Chicks. He didn’t even […] More

  • Country Music Fest Says They Won’t Kick Toby Keith Just Because He’s ‘Political’

    If people could use politics and sport in the same sentence, why wouldn’t they associate politics and music? It’s terrible how people don’t recognize real values, and decide to boycott someone just because they don’t like the fact that the person is getting the best of their raw talent. A country music festival held in Naperville, […] More