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  • WATCH: Porch Pirate Tries To Steal Package But Home Owner With An AR-15 Has Something To Say About It


    “Put my sh** back on this porch!” Those were the words a porch pirate was greeted with after he casually grabbed a box from a Detroit man’s front porch in a failed theft attempt. But the words weren’t as attention grabbing as the assault rifle in the homeowner’s hands. The hardened pirate quickly turned polite […] More

  • Passing Cowboy Lassoes Thief Outside Oregon WalMart

    So, yes, a cowboy on a horse lassoed a fleeing bicycle thief in a WalMart parking lot in East Point, Oregon. “I didn’t really think about nothin’ until after I caught him, and then I was like, ‘Gotcha!’” said the full-time cowboy and part-time lasso-carrying crime-fighter, Robert Borba, who describes himself as a “family man, […] More