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  • The Media Is Covering Up MASSIVE Scandal – Obama KILLED 30 American Soldiers, and Got Away With It!

    The mainstream media is at it again, smearing President Trump as a means of covering up the crimes of Barack Obama. Nearly every hour, the MSM is trotting out another former government official crying over Trump allegedly revealing classified information to the Russian foreign minister as the “most serious breach of national security” by any […] More

  • U.S. Soldiers Being Forced To Pay Back Re-Enlist Bonus – With Interest!

    California National Guardsmen who re-enlisted in return for bonuses of $15,000 or more are now being told they have to return the money — with interest — or face having their wages garnished. This is affecting nearly 10,000 guardsmen, who put their lives on the line by returning to the battlefields of Iraq or Afghanistan upon the receipt of […] More

  • First Successful Penis Transplant Gives Hope To Wounded Veterans

      Don’t giggle: Penis transplants are no joke. The complex, basically uncharted surgery carries immense physical and psychological risks. Until this month, it had been performed only twice worldwide, and one of those patients asked doctors to remove the organ a few days into his recovery. Massachusetts General announced on Monday that Thomas Manning, 64, has received […] More