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  • CNN Argues That For Biden To Rebuild The Economy He Must Legalize Prostitution


    CNN recently argued that “decriminalizing sex work” would serve as a key to “rebuilding the economy,” proposing that presumed President-elect Joe Biden’s administration should create a sex worker task force. In her outrageous opinion piece, which was titled “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, here’s how you can rebuild the economy: Decriminalize sex work,” immigration attorney Sabrina Talukder […] More

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  • Now I’ve Heard It All – Woman Claims She’s A Prostitute Because? Trump Enforces The Law…WOW


    “I became a sex worker full time in 2016 because Donald Trump said he was going to get rid of DACA.” During a rally organized by a group advocating for the decriminalization of sex work in New York, an adult film actress and activist for immigrant rights said President Donald Trump’s stance on the Deferred […] More

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