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  • BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein Sex Slave Comes Forward, Names MANY Powerful Men Including World Leaders


    A young woman who says financier Jeffrey Epstein and socialite Ghislaine Maxwell kept her as a sex slave also accused a host of high-powered men of being involved in Epstein’s alleged sex-trafficking ring, according to court records unsealed Friday. Virginia Giuffre, who says that Epstein and Maxwell trafficked her to powerful people for erotic massages and sex, claimed […] More

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  • Clinton OK With Human Trafficking As Long As You Cut Her In On The Profits

    Hillary’s top donor country is selling off ISIS sex slaves. That’s right, SEX SLAVES. Hillary takes millions of dollars from these savages who ABUSE women and gays – yet she calls herself a “champion of women” and “pro-gay?” No, sorry, that hypocrisy won’t work anymore, lady. Hillary calls Trump supporters “deplorable” yet she TAKES MONEY […] More

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  • DISGUSTING Muslim Cleric Declares It ‘OK’ To Have Sex Slaves Under Islam

    A hardline Muslim preacher suspected of radicalising three British jihadis told teenage disciples that it is ‘permissible’ under Islam to have sex slaves. Ali Hammuda, an Imam at a Cardiff mosque where three young jihadis from the city worshipped before travelling to Syria to join Islamic State, also told the group of boys as young as […] More

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