Clinton OK With Human Trafficking As Long As You Cut Her In On The Profits

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Hillary’s top donor country is selling off ISIS sex slaves.

That’s right, SEX SLAVES.

Hillary takes millions of dollars from these savages who ABUSE women and gays – yet she calls herself a “champion of women” and “pro-gay?”

No, sorry, that hypocrisy won’t work anymore, lady.

Hillary calls Trump supporters “deplorable” yet she TAKES MONEY from men who sell women as sex slaves, stone women, and don’t allow women to drive?

How can any women or gay person support this monster?

From Jihadi Watch:

It isn’t news that the Islamic State has long been abusing and trafficking sex slaves – especially Yazidi girls – but it has been now discovered that the sex slaves of IS are being “sold in horrifying auctions to UK ally Saudi Arabia.”

An eyewitness reported:
Dozens of women were being held in a large room, and it was not only Iraqis and Syrians trading women but also Saudis and Westerners, whose actual nationality was not clear.
Western women have also been reported to be among the victims in keeping with the Islamic State’s practice of enslaving kafir women:

The Islamic State’s human trafficking operation includes enslaving women who they consider to be ‘kafir’, non-Muslim people like Yazidis and Christians, before selling them for money. The depraved thugs are also involved in the radicalisation of young women all over the world and try to tempt them to come to their caliphate with false promises of wealth, marriage and forgiveness of sin.
Hillary, will you DISAVOW THIS and return every last penny that Saudi scum has given to you and your accused rapist husband?

(via: TruthFeed)

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