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  • Iran Takes Another American Hostage After Taking Millions In Payoff Money

    Back when the Iran Deal was being negotiated, we learned that the State Department had authorized secret “side deals” to handle matters they didn’t want to discuss in front of Congress. We’ve just learned the answer to one of the important questions: did the President know that secrets were being kept from Congress? The answer […] More

  • Obama Administration Kept BIG Secret From Congress

    The Obama administration took steps to withhold from lawmakers the details of a $400 million cash payout to Iran and continues to rebuke inquiries from Congress for information about how another $1.3 billion in taxpayer funds was awarded to the Islamic Republic, according to multiple conversations with congressional sources apprised of the matter. U.S. officials […] More

  • 400 Million Payment To Iran Will Fund Terrorism

    Republicans have a problem with more than just the timing of the Obama administration’s controversial $400 million payment to Iran earlier this year — one top GOP lawmaker says the fact the payment was made in hard currency is another big red flag. According to House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce, R-Calif., this could […] More