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  • Kent State University Outraged That Someone Sprayed ‘White Lives Matter’ Graffiti On Top Of ‘Black Lives Matter’ Graffiti


    Kent State University issued a strong condemnation over graffiti written on campus grounds. The condemnation, however, wasn’t for the original “black lives matter” graffiti that appeared, but the “white lives matter” graffiti that was drawn over top. The phrase “White Lives Matter” and other race-related messages spray painted on rock at the front of the University has resulted […] More

  • DISGUSTING! Another ‘Hate Hoax’ Exposed

    Last fall a swastika, and other racially charged graffiti, was found at the University of Maryland in the men’s bathroom. Was it for real? Like much of the racist graffiti being found these days, the answer is NO. That case is now solved. The perpetrator was Terrell Demonte Alexander, an 18-year-old former university employee. According to The […] More