DISGUSTING! Another ‘Hate Hoax’ Exposed

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Last fall a swastika, and other racially charged graffiti, was found at the University of Maryland in the men’s bathroom. Was it for real? Like much of the racist graffiti being found these days, the answer is NO.

That case is now solved. The perpetrator was Terrell Demonte Alexander, an 18-year-old former university employee. According to The College Fix, Alexander is black—which suggests this incident was a hoax, or at the least an act of intimidation committed by a member of the targeted minority group.

It’s the second such deceptive case at the university in the past few months. Last October, police arrested Ronald Alford, a 52-year-old black former employee, for spray-painting a swastika on campus. At the University of Maryland, workplace grievances seem to be more important motivators of bias incidents than racism. (via: The Gateway Pundit)

It makes you wonder what perpetrators of these hoaxes think they are going to accomplish. If they are looking for media attention, they definitely get it. The question is: are they bringing the right kind of attention to their cause? Since most of these incidents are turning out to be hoaxes it seems that they are ultimately getting the WRONG kind of attention. Eventually even liberal media is going to look at these incidents and think, is this for real?

What do you think about these ‘hate hoaxes?’ Do you agree they are ultimately counter-productive?

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