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  • Michelle Obama Gets Skewered Online After Claiming Her Children Were A Burden That Cost Her Her Dreams


    It’s no surprise that leftists like Michelle Obama don’t place high value on parenthood. The former First Lady said in her newly-released Netflix documentary Becoming that having children was a “concession” that cost her “aspirations and dreams.” She made the remarks while talking about her desire to become “equal” to her husband, President Barack Obama. “My relationship […] More

  • Pope Francis Is Calling You Out! Parenting Advice That is SPOT ON And HILARIOUS

    One of the greatest problems with modern-day parents, according to Pope Francis, is that they compete with their teenage children instead of educating them, by attempting to be “eternal teenagers” themselves instead of role models. In the present cultural context, Francis told a large delegation from the Diocese of Rome Monday, “kids want to be […] More