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  • WATCH: WH Covid Advisor Can’t Explain Why Biden Is Still Wearing Masks Around Vaccinated People


    Despite the fact that they’ve all been vaccinated, Biden and congressional leaders met yesterday and were all wearing masks. When CNN’s John Berman confronted White House Senior Advisor for COVID Response Andy Slavitt about it, he initially blamed the CDC before admitting he didn’t know what to say: W.H.’s @ASlavitt unable to explain why administration […] More

  • Joe Biden Drops Facemask While Fleeing Podium To Avoid Reporter Questions!


    Joe Biden on Friday delivered remarks on the Coronavirus from Wilmington, Delaware. 77-year-old Joe Biden said, “I’m not going to shut down the economy, I’m not gonna shut down the country” — despite vowing to ‘listen to the scientists’ and shut down the country to ‘combat the Coronavirus’ during his interview with ABC News. The […] More