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  • China Is Now Holding Americans HOSTAGE And The Mainstream Media Refuses To Cover It


    China is banning people from exiting the country, including U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents, according to reports. Over the course of 2021, many Chinese whistleblowers shared on social media their difficulties when applying for passports. For those who had passports, during the exit inspections at the airports, officials interrogated them and carefully checked their […] More

  • Trump’s Act of Heroism That Makes Obama Hide His Head In SHAME

    The Trump Administration has been ramping up American efforts to bring home citizens held unjustly overseas, according to a Washington Post report. Otto Warmbier’s family recently credited the Trump Administration for helping bring the 22-year old home from North Korea imprisonment. However, President Trump has been working on releasing American worldwide. The Trump Administration has […] More

  • Iran Takes Another American Hostage After Taking Millions In Payoff Money

    Back when the Iran Deal was being negotiated, we learned that the State Department had authorized secret “side deals” to handle matters they didn’t want to discuss in front of Congress. We’ve just learned the answer to one of the important questions: did the President know that secrets were being kept from Congress? The answer […] More

  • White House Denies Paying Ransom To Iran

    The White House predictably denied that pallets of cash airlifted to Iran on the same day that U.S. hostages were released was a payment for their release. “Let me be clear – the United States does not pay ransom,” Earnest said. White House reporters for the New York Times, NBC, CBS, and CNN pressed Earnest […] More