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  • Florence Danger Far From Over – ‘Worst Yet To Come’ As Cities Brace For Flash Floods, Tornadoes

    With at least 32 deaths linked to the flooding and high winds caused by Hurricane Florence and its aftermath, North Carolina remained in a state of crisis Tuesday as officials tried to battle floodwaters that kept rising. Wilmington, North Carolina, remained largely isolated by flooding, while more than half a million people were without power, CBS reported. […] More

  • Obama Is Apparently Too Busy With His Vacation To Even Comment On Milwaukee Riots, Louisiana Flooding

    President Barack Obama emerged from his Martha’s Vineyard vacation for a fundraiser, but he didn’t mention any of the devastating events currently affecting the United States. In Milwaukee, six businesses were set on fire, four officers were injured, shots were fired, and police cars were damaged after a black police officer shot a convicted black criminal […] More