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  • A Conservative Woman Infiltrated A Small Invitation-Only Ocasio-Cortez Rally, Shares The DISTURBING EVENT


    On Saturday evening, Democratic congressional candidate Cori Bush held a rally in celebration of her birthday. Bush, who is running in the Aug. 7 primary against seven-term incumbent William “Lacy” Clay Jr. in Missouri’s First Congressional District (St. Louis), brought in some star power for the event: Democratic socialist and Bronx native Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Over […] More

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  • Meet The LEFTS’ WORST NIGHTMARE! Democrats Don’t Want Minorities Watching Her Videos!


    She’s young, attractive, articulate, conservative, and black! Candace Owens is surely the worst nightmare of the hard-Left wing of the Democrat party. For decades, those folks have taken the black vote for granted. Now blacks are waking up, and that could spell doom for Democrats — hence their “interest” in Latino-Americans, especially illegal immigrants. In […] More

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