Meet The LEFTS’ WORST NIGHTMARE! Democrats Don’t Want Minorities Watching Her Videos!

She’s young, attractive, articulate, conservative, and black!

Candace Owens is surely the worst nightmare of the hard-Left wing of the Democrat party. For decades, those folks have taken the black vote for granted. Now blacks are waking up, and that could spell doom for Democrats — hence their “interest” in Latino-Americans, especially illegal immigrants.

In the 2-minute video above, hear Candace’s advice and warning for Latinos — namely, don’t be scammed by Democrats the way that America’s blacks have been.

Check out her longer speech too (below) given to the Conservative College Student Action Summit in January, 2018. She explains clearly how Democrats are eyeing illegal immigrants as the most promising new voting livestock for their Big-Government-Dependency Plantation.

Owens’ message isn’t new, but her youth and style makes her among the best to reach America’s young people, no matter what identity group the Democrats assign them to. Thomas Sowell is fantastic, but he cannot reach young people the way Owens can.



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