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  • Jim Jordan Goes On FIERY Blast Against Democrats Promoting Cohen’s Lies!


    Ohio representative Jim Jordan lambasted Democrats for “promoting an admitted liar,” Michael Cohen, in an attempt to jump-start impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. “Giving a platform to Mr. Cohen is beneath the dignity of the Congress, and I am saddened that Democrats have sunk so low as to promote an admitted liar just to satisfy Tom […] More

  • Trump Breaks Silence After Michael Cohen Cowardly Stabs Him In The Back


    On Tuesday, Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer officially and dramatically “flipped” on him, pleading guilty to, among other charges, knowingly violating campaign finance law at the direction of a federal candidate (read Trump) by paying a total of $280,000 in “hush money” to former Playboy model Karen McDougal and porn star Stormy Daniels with the […] More

  • The Great Trump Setup Thickens As Prosecutors Twist Cohen’s Plea Deal Confessions


    Here we go, from Russia with love to campaign finance with love. Why was Michael Cohen investigated? Because the “Steele dossier” had him making secret trips to meet with Russians that never happened, so his business dealings got a thorough scrubbing and, in the process, he fell into the special counsel’s Manafort bin — the […] More