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  • Trump’s New Tax Plan Just Got Home Depot Employees a HUGE Bonus

    Home Depot announced that their workers can receive up to $1,000 bonuses thanks to the recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. From Breitbart: Craig Menear, Home Depot’s chief executive, said in a statement released Thursday, “This incremental investment in our associates was made possible by the new tax reform bill. We are pleased to be […] More

  • U.S. Soldiers Being Forced To Pay Back Re-Enlist Bonus – With Interest!

    California National Guardsmen who re-enlisted in return for bonuses of $15,000 or more are now being told they have to return the money — with interest — or face having their wages garnished. This is affecting nearly 10,000 guardsmen, who put their lives on the line by returning to the battlefields of Iraq or Afghanistan upon the receipt of […] More