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  • Antifa Thugs Get Exactly What They Deserve After Police Release Their Names And MUG SHOTS!


    Police in Berkeley, California and Portland, Oregon, arrested several members of Antifa over the weekend. Now, the Berkeley Police Department has released the names and headshots of many of the individuals arrested during a Sunday protest, posting their pictures and making the unhinged leftists furious. Let’s make these fools famous! According to The Daily Caller, police […] More

  • ANTIFA Member, Ismael Chamu, Crimes FORGIVEN Because Mayor Feared Being Seen As Racist

    A 21-year-old UC Berkeley student activist name was arrested in late June in what has now escalated into a debacle thanks to Mayor Jesse Arreguin’s intervention in the matter. Chamu’s arrest has raised issues about whether he was the target of racial profiling from Berkeley Police Department. Chamu, who was arrested with a switchblade knife […] More