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  • The Left Tried To Ruin His Life, But ‘Coach K’ Made A Major Comeback!


    Back when his nomination was first announced by the Trump administration, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh made a certified dad joke about his volunteer work coaching his daughter’s school basketball team. “For the past seven years, I have coached my daughters’ basketball teams,” Kavanaugh said. “The girls on the team call me Coach K.” The joke, […] More

  • Lavar Ball Blames Son’s Two Month Game Suspension For Shoplifting On President Trump

    LaVar Ball couldn’t get his son out of China without President Trump’s help. However, the professional loudmouth can and reportedly will, get his son out of UCLA. Ball said on Monday that he intended to pull his son, LiAngelo, off the team and out of the school; over the indefinite suspension the school issued after LiAngelo’s role […] More

  • Donald Trump Proves That Asia Respects Him After He Made This AMAZING Thing Happen That Obama Never Could

    President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping talked UCLA basketballwhile Trump was in China for a state visit, but the conversation wasn’t about how good the Bruins will be this season. Instead, Trump raised the topic of the three UCLA men’s basketball players who were arrested in Hangzhou, accused of stealing sunglasses from a Louis […] More

  • What Do Basketball And Guerrilla Warfare Have In Common?

    Though baseball is the de facto national sport of Cuba, the country’s leader Fidel Castro was a passionate player of a different game: basketball. The 6-foot-3-inch future dictator was a fiercely competitive player during his high school years at El Colegio de Beléna in Havana, devoting more of his energies to basketball, baseball, track and […] More