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  • Chicago Politicians Go Way Off The Deep End! Threaten To Lock Up Cops If The Fail To Do THIS For Criminals


    And you wonder why criminals are thriving in Chicago. How could they not be? The politicians are not only firmly in their corner, they’re prepared to throw police officers in prison for not treating them like hotel guests when they’re arrested: Cook County officials are pushing legislation that would require police to allow arrestees three completed […] More

  • Antifa FAIL! Texas Cops Make Protesters REGRET Coming!

    Texas cops are REAL cops. They don’t pander to the pathetic whimpers of snowflake protestors! Hundreds of left-wing Antifa terrorists came out to protest a “Dixie Freedom Rally” in Austin, Texas on Saturday. The police weren’t putting up with the violence, either. Watch the insane video below. Screenshot of the video below Watch these Texas cops teach […] More