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  • Bud Light Ditches Amy Schumer, Seth Rogen After Sales Plummet During Ad Campaign

    Anheuser-Busch InBev, the parent company of beer brand Bud Light, has pulled the company’s Amy Schumer-Seth Rogen-starring “Bud Light Party” television advertisements weeks ahead of schedule as sales of the beer declined in the third quarter. Adweek reports that AB InBev pulled the ads “a little earlier than expected,” though a spokesman for the brewer said the […] More

  • Comedian Amy Schumer Plans To Leave USA If Trump Is Elected – Would Anyone Notice?

    Amy Schumer has vowed to leave the country if Donald Trump becomes president in November. In an interview with the British music magazine New Music Express, the 35-year-old comedian said she is going to have to learn another language because the idea of staying in the United States if the Republican nominee wins is just “too crazy.” “My […] More